The Meeting Place (prayer meeting) 10:00am- 10:30am
Sunday Service 10:30am - 12:00pm

Promise Church meets @ Dales Senior Center (3936 Chestnut St., Riverside, CA 92501)


Our Sunday service is a once a week gathering for the entire church.  It’s an encouraging time of celebrating God, hearing God’s truth, and experiencing real community.  Our church is open to anyone and everyone of all backgrounds.  Dress is casual.  We invite you and your family to join us and experience God’s grace, truth, and love together.


  • You will be greeted by our welcomers as you walk up to the entrance of the sanctuary.  

  • If you have children, they will stay with you and worship with your during the praise & worship time. They will then be dismissed during announcement time to their various classrooms. Please note: the last Sunday of every month is Family Worship Sunday the Promise. There will be no separate children’s Bible study class.

  • A typical adult Sunday Service begins with a welcome by the worship leader.

  • If you’re a newcomer, we won’t put you on the spot by having you introduce yourself.  

  • The welcome is followed by a time of singing praise songs about who God is and what He's done for us.  This worship time is lead by a band and lyrics are provided on a screen.  

  • During the final song an offering is taken.  We ask first-time visitors & newcomers to NOT give during the offering.  You're our guest.  

  • After the offering, there will be a prayer and a brief time of announcements; at this time, the children will be dismissed.

  • The pastor then gives about a 40-minute message from the Bible on a topic relevant to our lives. 

  • Immediately after the message, there is a brief time of prayer and reflection followed by a final song. 

  • Afterwards people usually hang out and enjoy refreshments.