• The Bible is a living document through which God speaks.  It is God-breathed.  Therefore it is error-free in the original writings, all 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.  It is the highest authority for all Christians and the Church.  It is our guidebook to know God and His will for our lives.  

  • God is the all-mighty, all-knowing, all-present creator of the universe, perfect in love and holiness, and worthy of glory in all He is and does.  He has existed from eternity past as three persons (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), and yet remains one God.  He wants to have relationship with us, and bring us into His great purposes.  

  • Jesus Christ is God who became one of us; truly God and truly man.  He came to proclaim the Gospel, show us God's heart, and remove the sin-barrier between us and God by giving His life.  After His death and resurrection, He ascended to Heaven.  He promised to return one day to judge sin, renew creation, and establish His Kingdom upon the earth.  He now invites everyone to place faith in Him and follow Him.

  • The Holy Spirit is God’s presence upon the earth today.   He convicts the world of sin, and makes His home with everyone who repents and trusts in Christ. He makes believers spiritually alive, teaches them, comforts them, gifts them, and empowers them to do God’s will.

  • Human beings are God’s greatest achievement in creation.  We were made in God’s likeness.  This means we can have a love relationship with Him, and reflect His glory on the earth.  However, our sin has broken our relationship with God.  Apart from Jesus people no longer know God or love God.

  • The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ in His amazing grace saved us by dying on a cross and taking the punishment for our sins.  He did this out of love for us though we didn’t love Him.  He then rose from the dead to prove He has the authority to save us indeed.  By turning from our old life and trusting in this Gospel, we become forgiven, adopted, made new, and made right with God.  The gospel says in Christ we’re loved, accepted, and considered good by God before we become lovable, acceptable, and good.  The gospel says in Christ we can come to God and get our lives straight, rather than get our lives straight and then come to God.  That’s good news!

  • Salvation is knowing God and living eternally with Him.  We cannot earn our salvation or work our way to heaven.  We are saved only by giving up our old sinful way of thinking, and putting our complete trust in Jesus' saving work.  All who do that will become spiritually alive to God, and receive eternal life.  From that point on Jesus must become the leader of our lives.

  • Spiritual growth is the life-long process of becoming like Jesus as we grow in God's grace and holiness.  The Bible says only God can make us like Jesus by His power.  But we have to do our part like spending time daily in God's Word & prayer, yielding our wills to God, depending on the Holy Spirit, training ourselves to kill sin, and committing to a community of believers.  

  • The Church is the Spirit-filled community of believers who gather in Jesus’ name to love God, love each other, serve the world, and make new followers of Jesus.  As the head of the Church, Jesus has also charged us to baptize new believers and conduct the Lord's Supper (i.e. Communion).